(Epic) Demogorgon

The dungeon is available every hours at X:30 (X stands for the hour) and in normal and epic mode.


Turn your brain on for once... :D


If you kill the wrong monster at the wrong time, it will reset and you will loose gold position. Use the tactics below to win...


Demo exists out of three phase.. 


Phase 1: 

You will see three colored portals. Each will spawn a fixed number of monsters and each has it own difficulty.


You need to kill all monsters. 


Start with purple portals.. It will spawn only 1 (or 2 in epic) monsters, that are hard. But very doable if everyone is concentrating on only these monsters. Then move to blue, then green.


The hard thing is that ppl start running off and start to open all portals here. The blue and green are spawning more monsters and opening all portal will result is an overload of monster which will make live difficult.. 


So kill fast but one portal at the time. If your party has enough dps, purple portals will be enough.


(For Epic version.. just don't open blue and green... focus on purple... and avoid the overload of monsters.. )



Phase 2: 

One the two sides (left and right) of the arena, there are two doors shining gold or black. There are monsters (HULK) that are targetting with two red lines. They will target a random player! DON'T KILL THEM, unless you got overpower on DPS.  Let the hulk advance you.. but position your toon right in front of the golden door, and face the hulk. It will run you over, but also the hulk will take a-lot of damage from the door. This way you can win easily.


DON'T let it run in the black door! it will heal the hulk.. so keep track of the golden door, as it will switch each time.


So; Stand between golden doors and Goristro when you're targeted (red line), he will take damages when ramming into.If he rams into a black dot, he will heal himself.


The doors switch from gold to black and black to gold. The closer to Goristro, the faster you will be able to turn around him. If a laser targets you, run for the nearest light well (or die and let the hulk ram into the door and taking damage also).


If you're unsure of the position of the gold door, stay close to the starting point of the arena, that will be a safety place.


Also try to lure the monster to the front of the arena, there is no need to fight in the back, far away from the blue safety wells.


(For Epic version, there is only 1 golden door, and it rotates! Keep an eye for the door..)


Phase 3: 

Again Kill fast.


Party mates must stand near 2 light wells. If a laser targets you, run for the nearest light well (or die).


Demogorgon sneers before throwing lasers.


In phase 2 and 3, you're slowly contaminated by madness (and so disabling powers), run for the nearest well to cleanse yourself in regular intervals.


Beware, when a monster enters a well's area of effect, the well is disabled (the color changes).




What do you need to get Gold achievement:

2 tanks, 2 healers and 6 dps.