Cragmire Crypts (CC)

The enemies in Cragmire Crypts have all been given a substantial increase to their health and damage, making all enemies down to the last Spiderling much more deadly.


For the final boss.. take a loot at the glits cheat at the bottom. It the easyest way to kill Traven.. shhht, dont tell the guys from arc.. :D


As with all zombies, the ones in Cragmire Crypts come in packs, so you’ll need to call upon your add management skills a lot while delving through its dark, dank halls.Beware the Battle Wights and the Battle Wight Commanders, as their life-draining abilities will ensure their continued existence as well as your swift demise.


Adventurers would do well to be wary when engaging one of the three types of giant arachnid that live in the dungeon, as their young will often appear to avenge their parent’s demise.


The boss battles in Cragmire Crypts present a rather daunting task: avoid the bosses’ attacks while fending off hordes of gnolls, zombies, and pirates. You’ll first encounter the Red Wizard Kallos Tam, whose minions are rather few in number and his attacks can be dodged by simply moving out of the way. The room in which he resides is also large enough to him to be kited away from his minions.


Use your controllers to keep the minions occupied while your tanks and damage dealers go after Kallos. After defeating the Red Wizard, you’ll encounter a competing Adventure Party.


Comprised of 5 members, these are no ordinary adventurers and we recommend focusing your attacks on a single target and taking them out one by one. Aluella Shieldhart and Margold Tarmikos should be your first targets, as their attacks hit hard and have controlling effects.Finally, you’ll come to the domain of Traven Blackdagger.


Tactic 1 - Head on:


This hulking undead pirate will provide the greatest challenge yet. With his near lethal dash attacks, oceans of minions, and the small size of the battle area, your healers will have their work cut out for them.


Use your tanks to keep Traven busy, while your controllers take care of his minions. Dedicate a damage-dealer to stay on Traven, but also have one available to assist the controller in managing the large number of minions.


Execute this and victory will be yours eventually



Tactic 2 - Cheat

You can call this tactic off only with a ranger or anyone with the power to grab the monster and pull it toward yourself (like icing skills).


The trick is that everyone not doing anything, run around Traven and get on the large keg in the back.


The hunter will then engage Traven and lure him toward the entrace (which is blocked with a shield). Now DIE! and the hunter is transported to the fire on the other side of the shield. Traven will be looking for another target after a while, so timing is crusual. The just died hunter will then need to use his powers to grab Traven (throught the force field)..


Once he is through the cat and mice game begins. Start running towards the pits and position youself just before or after the pits.Once he advances, he walks in a straight line toward you and hopefully falls in the pit.. boss defeated.. All left are the left over monster for the group on the keg.


Also take a look at the workings in this video