Rules of conduct

  1. When participating in guild chat, please speak English or something that passes for it.

  2. Respect your fellow guild members. Remember that behind each toon is a genuine human being and treat them accordingly.

  3. The guild bank is there for your use and considered a privilege. Be courteous and contribute items that you feel may be helpful to others.

  4. If you have a dispute with a fellow Saint, please take it private to resolve or if that is impossible, take it to a guild officer or the Zeus. Guild Drama will not be tolerated and could result in the immediate loss of guild membership for ALL parties involved.

  5. Members that have been inactive for 60 days and have not notified either an officer or the HBIC will have their membership revoked as soon as somebody notices their absence.

  6. Promotions will be based on the following criteria:
    - Active in guild chat
    - Promoting the guild through recruitment and/or recruiting
       individuals that contribute to the betterment of the guild
    - Deposit more than is withdrawn from the guild bank
    - Participate or initiate guild group activities
    - Working hard in the StrongHold

  7. With the exception of inactive members, no guild member may have their membership revoked without a majority vote of the officers and Leader.

  8. Guild members are responsible for reading their guild email and participating in the guild forum. Officers and the Zeus will make every effort to keep you informed of crucial decisions, however, pleading ignorance will not be accepted (unless of course we forgot to tell you).

  9. Have fun. This is mandatory. If you are caught not having fun, you will be mercilessly pummeled and teased until you start having fun.