Well of Dragon Run

The Well of Dragons HE is a hourly returning event that can be joined without a party. The event take place in well of dragons and you need to keep an eye out for the zone chat. Usually someone calls for a dragon run in a particular instance of the map.


If you see the map number, switch immidiatly to that map. A map can only only up to 40 players, so once full you need a partymember  in that map.


Next move to the first (GREEN) position. You will notice alot of ppl there and wait for the dragon to arrive. Then it is KILL KILL KILL and move directly on to the next dragon BLUE - RED - WHITE - BLACK.


The members in de zone need to kill all 5 dragons within a timeframe. But each dragon will give an individual reward. 


This event is fun and does not require you to have a party or any requirements other than be able to go to dragon of well areas.