Kessel Retreat

Kessel’s Retreat is a fairly straightforward skirmish. The biggest thing is that it is not forgiving of bad tactics or bad groups. It is tougher than most other Skirmishes out there. Players should be paying attention and on top of their game to make it through without issue.


Here are some basic rules everyone should follow for success in Kessel’s Retreat:

  • Group mobs up so they can be affected by area of effect spells and abilities.
  • Do not loot anything when your party is fighting. The loot window pops up in front of everything. It gets in the way of what you should be doing, killing things before they kill you.
  • Know your role and fill your role.

Killing Akar Kessel


When fighting Alar Kessel, players will want to do a couple things to be successful. I like to type these tips in party chat just before a battle. Just in case a player doesn’t know. This seems to smooth out that last fight significantly.

Concentrate fire on beholders until they get to 10-15%. They then will turn and fight Kessel. Do not help Kessel kill them after this point!


  1. Kill golems in corner until Kessel kills the beholders. Then kill the golems by Kessel.

  2. Avoid the Black Ice Pillars and the black balls of doom! A character should be able to survive one hit. But if a pillar pops up next to a player then they are sure to take 3 or more blasts at once, meaning certain death for anyone. So keep an eye out and get away from pillars when they pop. Also try to dodge perpendicular to their path and not parallel to it. You can and will take damage multiple times if you get hit, and then dodge back into its path!

  3. Using these tactics, it is a pretty easy, fast, and fun skirmish. Pound it out until you get all the gear you want. Also keep an eye out for when Skirmishes give a bonus and hit it hard then.