Control Wizards

Wizard is ranged dps class with many Crowd Control skills. Class mechanic of Wizard is ability to equip additional Encounter skill in slot under "Tab" key, skill put there will be strengthened.



Main ability scores of this class are Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma. Tactic skill is teleport.


Passive skill of this class will boost your damage with every arcane-based skill by 3%, stacking up to 5 times. Cold-based abilities will chill targets slowing their movement (some skills have ability to freeze chilled foes.).


Best races for Control Wizard are Thiefling and Elf due to matched AS.


Effect of Ability Score on stat per point over 10:








Damage bonus




Critical Chance



Combat Advantage damage



Hit Points




Damage Over Time (DoT) resistance



Area of Effect damage resistance




Deflection chance




Control Bonus




Control Resistance




Stamina Regeneration



Recharge Speed





Action Points gain




Companion stat bonus




Neverwinter control wizard is a control and synergistic class, and is also a most flexible and OP class in the game. In neverwinter dungeons, your main thing is control mobs, make mobs together and cast your AoE skills in combat before, then keeping mobs locked down with freezes and stuns, and last stack debuffs on mobs to get more party damage. Deal boss, you can control all adds and make Trickster Rogue / Guardian Fighter / Great Weapon Fighter can deal with boss alone.

Now, there are some tips about neverwinter control wizard for you or beginners.

1. Make mobs together, don’t scatter them.
2. Don't stand in red circles.
3. Dodge towards the Cleric or dodge in a circular circles rather than a straight line. You can keep mobs together and other teammates can pull them and the DC heal you easily.
4. Stay within Cleric's Astral Shield. Astral Shield can heal you and others when you found the DC cast a blue circle on ground.
5. Use your potions.
6. Make sure party behind when you running ahead or fighting.
7. Try to use Ice Knife when you use Eye of the Storm to guarantee your crit.
8. Lifesteal can maintain your DPS uptime. Lifesteal will account for a significant portion of incoming heals, healing often more than Devote Cleric provide. And you will get a lot of aggro and archer damage. If your party no DC or DC can not heal you, this is your own suplementary survivability tools.
9. Oppressive Force can push immune mobs and boss.
10. Shield is a crutch power.
11. Charge you daily power with Storm Pillar in fight. There is not need a long time to charge full and each full give you 4.5% AP.

Currently my control wizard build in dungeons

Encounter: Steal Time, Sudden Storm, Shard of the Endless Avalanche
Daily: Oppressive Force, Ice Knife
Class: Eye of the Storm, Storm Spell
At-will: Storm Pillar, Chilling Cloud
Tab: Shield

Use T2 High Vizier set (Below) for Debuffs, can survivability and synergy if have 2+ wizards in a party. When the party have 2+ wizards, DPS is important. The low gear score CW make mobs together and high gear score CW will do DPS by Oppressive Force. These things you can communicate with your party in combat before.


Neverwinter T2 High Vizier Set

As a control wizard, you must make fight has a high efficiently as possible and keeping controlled in dungeons. Do your best to make your DPS and Control maximize and learn the skills and abilities