Fishing on Ice

Fishing in the Sea of Moving Ice is a new mini-game that has been added to Neverwinter. This new fishing activity in Neverwinter is a must if you want to repair the artifact equipment gained at the end of the first series of quests here. It will also be needed to complete a Daily Quest in the Sea of Moving Ice. Players can snag a Map in a Bottle which will lead them to fabulous treasure!


Get Started Fishing in the Sea of Moving Ice

First you will need a rod, bait, and a boat. These are all gained through the first series of quests in the Sea of Moving Ice.Players are able to fish anywhere in the Sea of Moving Ice from their boat. However, the best places to fish are in fishing holes that are spread around the Sea of Moving Ice. These are easily spotted, first by the flock of birds that fly over them, and also by their blue ring in the water along with all of the splashing fish.


How to fish

In order to fish, stop your boat, preferably in a good fishing spot.

  1. Make sure your hook is baited. Click tab to bait your hook. Hit tab again to cycle through your bait.
  2. Left click the mouse button to cast out. Then wait for a fish to get hooked.
  3. Once a fish is hooked you will see the quality of the fish appear. From – to 5 if you have good enough bait.
  4. Click the right mouse button to set the hook. You will have 10 seconds to hook the fish before it leaves. So pay attention!
  5. NOTE: If you do NOT want to catch the fish, just let it get away. That will save your bait! Works great when fishing for those elusive Rank V fish to finish off your collection.
  6. Now follow the prompts to reel it in. Q E and R keys are mapped to reeling right, back, or left. Click and HOLD the key down until it changes. This will keep you reeling in.
  7. When it changes, lift your finger and make sure you click the correct next key. The wrong key press will lower your progress bar. So make sure to switch as soon as it changes.
  8. Keep reeling while the progress bar fills. You will have 25 seconds to reel in the fish. Any longer and it kicks off. So don’t dally, reel that beast in!
  9. Once your progress bar is full, the Daily Ability indicator will light up. Click 1 to activate it and haul that catch in. Congratulations on your catch!

Type of baites

Extra Lugworm bait can be purchased with coin or Voninblod depending on which vendor you go to on the starting island. You will receive Krill bait that is better (green) and should be used instead of worms if available. The only exception to this is Fishing Frenzy Heroic Encounter. Many of your catches will be interrupted by the Dragon Turtle causing you to lose a lot of bait. It is best to just stick with the lesser  (white) lugworm bait. A secondary benefit of using this bait is catching lower end fish that can be reeled in faster. This in turn, makes it less likely to be interrupted.  

  • White Lug Worms, able to catch rank 1-4 Fish
  • Green Krill Bait, able to catch rank 1-5 Fish

Type of Rods

The starting quest will give you a white fishing pole. It is nothing fancy, but it does the job. It is slow and landing the purple, rank 5 fish, will be difficult.


A better fishing rod is the Ice Hunter’s Fishing Rod that can be purchased from the campaign store. It reels faster and makes it likelier to be able to land the purple rare fish.


The Enchanted Fishing Rod is the best fishing pole can be found in the treasure chests that can be opened by using the Map in a Bottle. These are a rare fishing catch but can also be bought from other players or the Auction House. This rod reels quite fast and makes landing those big, slow, purple rare fish easy.

Catching fish

The higher ranking the fish, the slower it reels in and the faster the reeling direction changes. So keep an eye on it and change as soon as possible. It is better to lift your finger and pause to make sure the change is right instead of hitting the wrong one.

Make sure you do not hit the W key, it will move the boat and make you lose your fish!

  1. White
  2. White or Green
  3. Green
  4. Blue (Level needed for rare gut-able fish)
  5. Purple


Once the fishing meter is full lift your fingers off. The reeling will not go down if you are NOT reeling, only if you are reeling the wrong way.


A rank of ”  “ is a Map in a Bottle. You can reel these in going any direction. Once you have one you can double click it to get the map. This will show you an image of the location of the treasure. These are well worth your time. Treasures recovered from Map in a Bottle range from bundles of fish, artifact refining materials, upgrading ingredients, rare fishing rods, fast fishing boats, and more.


Look at the treasure map page for locations where to go


Every once in awhile you will get super lucky and pull in two fish instead of one. The second fish can be a fish from any of the other fishing areas