Bryn Shander

Storm King’s Thunder Guide and Walkthrough - Bryn Shander

This is the first adventure area in this set. The early quests do a great job of introducing players to the mechanics and the challenges of these areas. They also get you started with hunting relics and looking for gear.


Go through all of the quests until you are required to complete a Heroic Encounter right outside of Bryn Shander’s gate. That is the last of the “entrance” quests to this area.


DON'T BE DISCOURAGED BY THE THE WHITE SCREEN (SIMULATED MIST). Lowering brightness of your monitor/tv will help. The mist is there only for the opening quest line. Once you reached the village, the mist will still be there, but less irritating.


Completed the opening quest?

From there you will have one Daily quest to complete three Daily quests. There is also a Weekly quest that is reset every Sunday.


Players will need to collect many of the rewards to advance the campaign. Advancing the campaign will grant you access to the other two adventure areas, Lonelywood and Coldrun. It’s best to get through the access stuff as soon as possible so players can pick the easiest quests to complete the “Compelete 3 Quests” Daily Quest. Bryn Shander Reputation and Secrets of Ostorian come from this particular quest. Many of each will be needed to advance the campaign.


Once the “entrance” quests are completed, players will zone into the market place in Bryn Shandor. Here they will find the quest givers, Ostorian Relic turn in, and a crate of replacement trowels when needed. There is also a campaign vendor and a regular vendor for selling loot or buying supplies.