Dwarven Valley

This region is the second area of the IWD campaign and will be unlocked when you complete the 'Explore the Dwarven Valley' task in the campaign. 


When a character earns enough to unlock the map to the Dwarven Valley, a second Curse of Icewind Dale zone becomes available. This can be done by earning 50 Caer-Konig Reputation, 30 Caer-Konig Coins, and 30,000 Astral Diamonds.



Also this area is straight forward. Do the hit and run for most quests.


Again: watch the red area's

This is the same as Ice Wind Pass, crossing the red border will flag you for PVP. Don't be scarred and just cross them.


General information


This zone is an eclectic mix of snow in the north, a scar in the middle where the corrupted dwarves are mining Black Ice, and a forested area to the south, which is full of undead. This area seems like they were trying to do too much with it. Trolls can be found in the north and central parts along with dwarves in most of the Dwarven Valley.


This “rough around the edges” feel is exacerbated by the quests here. Most of the quests in Icewind Dale are designed to encourage players to work together to complete them. That is not the case in the Dwarven Valley. Here players can easily steal quest mobs, objectives, and otherwise mess up the work of other players. This makes for a very frustrating and irritating zone. I would suggest looking for a group to do the Daily solo quests. This way you should be able to overpower and outmaneuver all of the thieves here. Neverwinter has generally done a good job with most of its quest areas to discourage this type of behavior. Unfortunately they seemed to have overlooked this design mandate here.


I would urge all of the players of Neverwinter to play nice, work together, and show their fellow players the respect they deserve. When that fails, use the tactics I suggest above to get through the quests in the Dwarven Valley. Then once you have earned the Dwarven Gold Coins, you need to unlock what you want for the campaign, go back to Icewind Pass and enjoy your grind there.

At 200 Caer-Konig Reputation, players can get a few more quests here in the far south to get through those Dwarven Gold Coins.


Keep an eye on your inventory when adventuring in the Dwarven Valley. A quest item drops, Hammerstone Hammer. Double click it to get a quick quest to kill the corrupted dwarven queen. This is a very fast and easy quest to do.


Players get a good amount of Black Ice and some crafting ingredients for completing this Weekly quest. The entrance is a mine entrance under the large keep on the east side for the Large and Epic Encounter spawning location. (1692,1221)