Devoted Cleric

Cleric is a healer, while it can be decent ranged dps he is best in keeping teammates alive and support them with various buffs.


Main Ability Scores of this class Wisdom, Strength, Charisma and tactic skill is dodge.


Cleric's class mechanic is based on divine power collected with every hit and heal, when divine power is loaded you can use Channel Divinity to strengthen your Encounter skills and change your at-wills to Punishing Light (using divine power, high damage skill) and Soothing Light (using divine power, high healing ability). Each use of Encounter power will consume one of maximum 3 Divine Symbol (cross symbol on the left of divine power).

Best races for Cleric are Half-Elf and Dwarf due to matched AS.


Effect of Ability Score on stat per point over 10:










Damage bonus




Healing bonus




Critical Chance



Combat Advantage



Health Points




DoT resistance



AoE resistance








Control bonus




Control resistance




Stamina regeneration



Recharge speed





Action Points bonus



Companion bonus



Neverwinter Devoted Cleric is a very cool class, can bring Healing, Damage, DPS Buff and Target Debuff in a party. DC class also is a leader and controller, but not the exclusive healer. The strength of a DC in a party lies in the buffering. Without a DC you might find that you lack the strength to kill a boss effeciently. 




  1. Divine Oracle paragon Faithful path is best for PvE healing and utility. Anointed Champion is not good for T2 Dungeons and some beyond your party will be scattered in a boss fight.
  2. Where you can, position yourself to give Combat Advantage with Great Weapon Fighter, Guardian Fighter or Trickster Rogue.
  3. If you can do the more DPS than other party member, you should not do DPS instead of buff. 
  4. Used to using the "Tab" key.
  5. Kite mobs towards melee rather than run away, when you have aggro. Try to position yourself when the targets lay down the red circle.
  6. Keeping your Astral Seal on major target, such as bosses, brutes and casters to proc heals and healing feats.
  7. If you put the T1 High Prophet armor set, you should put its debuffs on priority targets once in a while by Sacred Flame to improve overall party DPS.
  8. When the GWF or Control Wizard as your party main DPS to deal mobs, cast Divine Glow and place your Astral Shield to offer the maximum protection.
  9. If your party have 2+ Cleric class, one can go healing and the others can go DPS. Yellow and blue Divine Glow stacks as does Prophecy of Doom. And the linked spirit stacks can boost the party DPS significantly.
  10. Do you best to use the Hallowed Ground, can improve the party DPS output, tankiness and healing.
  11. Keeping your Linked Spirit feat up every cooldown, especially on the your party member GWF to increase their bleed damage. Linked Spirit, when you using Channel Divinity you link with every ally you Heal, increasing their stat ratings 5% of your stat ratings for 10 seconds. Healing multiple targets at once will increase the bonus all targets receive.
  12. In the dungeon, Trickster Rogue and Hunter Ranger can take care of themselves by Lifesteal and Stealth. You just cast the Astral Shield for GWF, GF or CW.
  13. T1 High Prophet is the best set for dungeon and boss, which is a party wide debuff allowing stuff to take 30% more damage and making dungeons fastest clear. If you have enough high Gear Score, the T2 Miracle Healer armor set is of little use.
  14. For enchantment, Vorpal and Plague Fire is the best for weapon enchant, and the Soulforged for your armor enchant.
  15. If there is a TR in your party, let the TR resurrect your fallen party members. This is also discussed in the TR section. Keep the attention on healing and buffering. The TR can avoid getting attention and get the party back again.


Last, below is the list of commonly applied debuffs on targets that your party can benefit from DC:


High Prophet Set - 10% more damage taken per stack, up to 3 on target.

Divine Glow - 15% more damage taken, normal mode stacks with divine mode.

Prophecy of Doom - 10% more damage taken normal, 15% more damage taken divine (stacks).

Nimbus of Light - 5% more damage taken on targets.


Ok, there are just part of DC's dungeon tips, if you intensive studies in this neverwinter class, you will find more useful tips