Decorate the guildhall

Ok.. we know.. the guildhall can use some decoration.. but we need you to help.



So a manual on how to decorate.


1. Gather the furniture

through profession


Most come from the masterwork profession.  You need a profession maxed out for this (lvl 25),  Only then you can make new furniture. There are a number of plots on the back side of the stronghold. These plots can be used by traders that have the needed supplies for the profession task. 



You can also buy furniture from the following places:

  • Stronghold general store (right of fountain). Furniture it on the fourth tab page of the shop.
  • Wondrous bazaar in PT (if you have way to much AD and nothing to spend it on :P )
  • Mysterious merchant at millabout on stronghold



Arc promisses us that you can also earn furniture with various forthcoming event. 



Donate the furniture

Visit the decorating inside the hall (just right of the door). And open the warehouse (press F)


Untick the show all and tick the show possible. If you have furniture that the warehouse accept you can donate it there.


Once donated you wont get it back or any credits from it. It is pure charity...


All donated furnitures can be placed or removed in the guildhall. For this enter the decoration modes through the decorator dude (see above). REMIND that only one person can decorate at the same time!


If you're in decorating modes, you exit the dude and see a hall full with sparkles. Each sparkle can be changed in furniture that is in stock in the warehouse. Press F to change it.


When finished leave the decoration modes through the dude again.