Trickster Rogue

Rogue is an assassin, attacking from the shadows with his deadly daggers. While TR does have some ranged skills it's a melee class with decent amount of Crowd Control skills.



Main Ability Scores of Rogue are Dexterity, Strength, Charisma. His tactic skill is Shift allowing Rogue to do acrobatic rolls.


Rogue have specific class mechanic: Stealth. He can disappear in shadows if stealth meter is filled so enemies won't see him. While in stealth mode most of his skills gain additional abilities. While stealth meter won't regenerate while in fight there are some talents and skills that can refill it.


Best classes for Rogue are Halfling, Half-orc and Drow due to matched AS.

Effect of Ability Score on stat per point over 10:









Damage bonus



Critical Chance




Combat Advantage damage



Hit Points




Damage Over Time (DoT) resistance



Area of Effect damage resistance




Deflection chance





Control Bonus




Control Resistance




Stamina Regeneration



Recharge Speed




Companion stat bonus




The TR is a DPS character. This means that the TR is mainly for close combat. A TR is depending on his stealth to survive as the TR does not have alot of HP. 


Best way to survive as a TR is not to get the attrackion (aggression) from the monsters. Make sure another player is getting the aggression or use your companion as beat materiaal.  Once you got the aggression, enter stealth and hope any other of the attacking party will get it. 


However a TR is not usueless:


The TR is a DPS-class in Neverwinter, but it offers good utility in form of close combat that is usually underrated. 


New groups often have the problem that they can’t endure much incoming damage until the tank gets all the attention or some abilities are active to prevent incoming damage. 


The TR has a higher walking speed, can run in front of the group, go into stealth and uses “Smoke Bomb” to stun a monster group for a few seconds until the tank can take over.  What also a lot of groups tend to forget is: Who does resurrect a character if they are lying on the ground? A lot of groups think it’s the job of the healer or tank to resurrect, which is plain wrong. 


The tank will get immediately wiped because it has all the attention of the monsters. Not using abilities to prevent the incoming damage will usually cause death. So a tank should never ever try to resurrect a player. A healer has a similar problem. It is busy keeping the tank and the remaining group alive.


CALL 9-1-1 OR R-O-G-U-E

Damage dealers are suited for this task because it doesn’t affect the integrity/stability of the group while in combat and only slows down DPS. In case you have a TR in your group, it should be the only one that resurrects teammates.


Some may ask: Why?

There are several reasons. First would be that a TR doesn’t generate any kind of threat. Even if it’s so small the mobs will ignore him anyway. He can also simply go into stealth to shake them off. “Impossible To Catch” is another neat emergency helper. Next to a huge damage resistance buff the immunity to control effects comes in very handy if a player is lying close to mobs that use AoE’s that can interrupt players.


Another reason is one of its weaknesses. From all the damage dealers in the game the class potentially deals the lowest burst damage, which means the loss of damage while he is resurrecting someone is not that great of a deal. That doesn’t mean it is has bad damage at all, but the TR often uses Damage Over Time Effects. In high-end parties and short fights, it makes the class less effective. Some stacks and Executioner Capstone simply need time to build. On the other hand the TR can sustain DPS a lot better over time, in example while resurrecting. That's also why the class is more suited for fights that take longer, like bosses. This is where the TR can shine the most.