Spellplague Cavern

This dungeon is a high tear dungeon, you need an item level of 3100 at least to enter this dungeon.



Spellplague Caverns (Epic)

Estimated Playtime: Official Time 45 minutes

Real Time Nearer to an hour


Required Gear Score: 8300

Access Zone: The Chasm


Rewards: Seals of the Drake and T2 Helms and Rings



Plague Reaver

Try to kill the spawning pits before going on boss. High DPS team can ignore and focus DPS on boss.


A tip: if your a GF you can put yourself near a wall. one of the bosses attack's he rushes though you quite far. He will end up going up to the top of the wall and may fall causing extra damage.


Mouth of Madness

Hard boss, with huge AoE. The lasers adds are really annoying too.



1.  Hug the wall to the left to go to the orb wall.  then dps the berserker first. Do not agrro the rest.

2. DC,CW,GF will have to take care of the Maws and adds while TR DPS the boss. If there are 2 CW's, GF can help DPS the boss

3. Boss must be kept at the right side of the wall (near the orb)



A'Drx'l the Aboleth Overseer

The key of this fight is the Control Wizard. He must toss the adds out of the platform while the Rogue(s) are killing the boss.


The roles:

- Rogue and Great Weapons Fighter on boss.
- Guardian Fighter taunts any adds to the 3 or 6 o'clock position near the edge, do not get too close to the boss or the adds get powered up.

- Control Wizard and Cleric will push them off. Control Wizard needs to save singularity before the 1/4 mark.


-At every 1/4 mark of the boss's health, the platform will turn red and drop off, get away from the platform. Do not attack any adds that spawn, allow Control Wizard to pull them in with Singularity and push off with shield.

-At the final 1/4 of the health, Guardian Fighter needs to taunt and move around in half circle motion, Cleric cast astral shield to protect Guardian Fighter. Control Wizard, Great weapons fighter and Rogue all focus attacks on the boss.


Sometimes, the boss launches a ray that make the closer adds immune to toss, so you have to fight at the opposite edge of the platform (or have 2 DC to be able to wait). Every ~20% of hp of the boss, the edge of the platform where the boss is will fall. The last 20% of the boss will be on a little platform, so control as much as you can and DPS as much as possible !


Another strategy you can follow:

Have the GF aggro everything and run in mini circles. CWs have to ignore all adds and focus dps-ing down the boss.


Meanwhile, Cleric should use divine sunburst to push off those Mindwarp adds when needed, while maintaining Astral Shield near GF's position.


Two skills to have for the cleric will help a lot: Healing Word encounter with divine fortune class feat + Brand of the Sun At-will. Both skills will help consistently build divine which is the key to maintain astral shield. Pop Brand of the Sun on the boss + adds will build a lot of divine over time. Lastly, GF needs to be smart and use Fighter's Recovery daily + enforced threat to do any emergency self heal.