Sea of Moving Ice

Sea of Moving Ice is the second part of module 10 “Storm Kings Thunder”. It extends the adventurers’ journey in the cold north, introduces Fishing and boat travel and concludes the story of Svardborg and the Ring of Winter. 

What to do?

First of all you need to follow the quest story line. It might be hard, but if you find a group it can be done. When completing the story line, you will receive a free rusted relic weapon set.


This weapons is useless, but don't discard it right away!


You need to restore these weapons if you're planning to use them. How. see our weapons section.


Next in Sea of Moving ice, you need to grind it.

  1. Do the daily quests as usual.
  2. Start fishing for rare ingredients, remember that tier IV and higher fish can be gutted for rare ingredient.
  3. Find those treasures, see our treasure hunting section with maps.
  4. Also find those relics. You can trade these in for voninblod or raw black ice. You will need these later to keep your restored weapon active.


Also complete the Storm King Thunder campaign. You will need to complete at least the 'scout cold run' (for access pass to cold run area) and 'unlock fang breaker island' (epic skirmish)


Completing your collection

There are a few fish that can also be caught in the weekly quest Runestead. So if you are looking to get the complete fish collection you will need to fish the small pond in the north of the map. There is a teeny tiny fishing hotspot here inside a small cave on the pond. Park exactly on it to get the bonus for catching the more rare fish. 


There is also a hidden treasure chest on the very northern snow drift. Might as well get that while you are there. 

Fishing Hot Spot in the Runestead - Sea of Moving Ice in Neverwinter