River District

This area is higher level district and came online in 2016. Also known as MOD 11.  There is a greath instruction that can be found online. Just follow the links below to google docs.


About the rituals

The cloaked ascendancy is using the rituals to channel magic energy into the demimplanes they inhabit. From there they can use the energy in the rituals to open a portal to the far realm or to send more of their followers through their portals into the River District.



If you disrupt one of these rituals (HE event), you should be able to use thre magic item you salvaged to release some of this energy. doing this slows the wisards far realm rituals and prevents them from sending more minions against river district.

  • The ritual meter on the left side of the minimap slow fills over time
  • The rituals performed in the river district speed up the ritual meter
  • defeat the ritual heroic encounter to prevent this
  • use reclaimed magic at cleared ritual location to delay the start of the next ritual and earn ritual campain currency
  • when the ritual meter is full, one of the wizards launches a counterattack again all active guard posts in the district
  • defeat the servants neart the wizards portal to end the counterattack and gain rewards


What is going on witht the guard posts?

Funds for new troops are scares and they only committing them to hold low risk areas.  No troops will be stationed at a guard post untill sufficient resources have been reclaimed/donated. 

  • Guard posts must be cleared and upgraded by donating resources
  • On the map you can see which guard posts are unlocked. Only unlocked posts can be upgraded
  • Upgrading one guard post unlocks the next post in the chain.
  • Upgrading a guard post cost resources, reclaimed weapons, riches or magic. the cost varies with the upgrade you wish to purchase. 
  • A post must be cleared of enemies before it can be upgraded




What about digsites?

the dig sites is where the bulk of the reclaimation work is done.


Laborers are digging into the many hidden chambers below the district. Many of these chambers are filled with dagerous creatures or have be claimed by our enemies.

There are three types of digsites: Crypts, Sewers and Dungeon.  Each provice an own chalenge and reward.


  • a dig site is unlocked by upgrading the nearest guard post (see above)
  • once a dig site is unlocked it can be activated
    • By paying resources
      paying resources opens up a random vault type to explore
    • With a map purchaged from the quartermaster
      using a map set the vault type to the map type youre paying with. 
  • You can enter a site activated by another player by buying a site pass from the foreman the dig site. The site pass is good for one hour, but you cannot change the type of digsite. Check on the map to see what dig site is at your location (see picture above).
  • You can only explore a particular dig site once per hour. This counts for all digsites of that type. 



What about maps?

Once you found a map you need to find an active guard post. The laboreres who work the dig sites wont enter the district unless they have guards nearby.


the situation out there is constantly changing. you may find an activve guard post or you may have to create one. If you can't find any working guard posts, just clear the enemies out of an abandoned one and use some of your reclaimed weapons to outfit a new squad of guards.


Once the guard post is manned you will need to clear out the dig site and activate it.


  • The status of all guards posts is shown on the overhead map
  • Unlocked guard post are designated by a yellow icon. There locations are also marked by yellow beams in the sky.
  • Unlocked guard posts can be cleared of enemies and upgraded using reclaimed weapons
  • guard posts are arranged in 3 chains leading into each wizards terretory
  • a guard post cannot be upgraded unless the post preceding it in the chain has been upgraded at least once.



 What about treasure maps?

In the digsites you will find treasure maps. These will lead to treasures that can be found once you have the treasure map in possession. (just like ice region).


Take a look at this page to match your found treasure map to the right location.


There you will find a chest and some kind of mechanisme to unlock the chest. (a pile of dirt). Unlock the chest and you will receive a treusure or digsite pass.



These passes are for particular digsites only. 




Dont forget about the campaign. Once you have 100 reclaimed resources you can earn currency to recover the new mod 11 weapons from the campain store.