Treasure hunting in Sea of Moving Ice


You can also write down the coordinates and look near those coordinates. Some treasures might be very tricky to find. There are several youtube movies on how to find those.



Western Island Treasure Map Location

Western Island Treasure Treasure Map Location in the Sea of Moving Ice

This treasure is hidden up high on the top of a hard to get to snow bank. To find this Treasure Map location you will need to go up the central area from the “back side” or east side of the pillar. Then walk across the top to the west side to dig up the buried treasure. 


See how to get up there here:

East Island Treasure Map Location

East Island Treasure Map Location in the Sea of Moving Ice for Neverwinter

This treasure map location is a lot easier to get to then the westernmost island one that is way up on top of a pillar of snow. This buried treasure is just hidden on a ledge around the south side of the island. Get off your boat on the north side and follow the edge around. 


See how to get up there here:

Northeast Treasure Map Location

This is another one of those tricky ones. The treasure is hidden way up hill above the trolls. Look for a v cut in the rocks just below this location that you can follow up to this buried treasure.