Storm King’s Thunder Guide and Walkthrough - Lonelywood

Loneylwood is the second adventure zone in this campaign. Players do not get immediate access. Instead, players need to collect certain things from the campaign to unlock it.


Lonelywood can be unlocked in 5 days if players complete all of the possible quests in Brynn Shander. Look to the Campaign Tracker for specific details. Players should make sure they have enough to unlock the next area prior to purchasing boons, campaign store discounts, or additional enchantments.


Lonelywood is a forested area that is ultimately set up similar to Bryn Shander. Here there are the same types of quests and they follow the same format. However, once you have access to Lonelywood players can start cherry picking the quests they want to do only trying to complete the “Do 3 Daily Quest” quest.  Players will have access to 6 Daily Quests but will only need to complete 3 for reputation. However, if Ten Town supplies are needed do the other quests as well to stock up on these.