Dungeon Kabal

Doing it solo or in party matters. If you're doing it solo the monsters are scaled back to make them easyer. So it might be harder to complete this dungeon in a party.


Getting to kabal

The first part of kabal is pretty straight forward. Just hit and run your way through the route.


Just mind the fire blasters. They will kick you from over the edge and so killing

you off. 


Also mind that your companion will probally die during the run, so either resurrect them at the final boss or assign the hotkey for quick summon. 




The final monster, kabal can be tricky to kill. A straight forward hit and run wont work as it is immune to normal attacks. 


You need tot get him vunurable. you can do this way 

  • The anvil will spawn four opponents. Two fire daggers, which can be killed quickly. After that it will spawn two burning constructs.

  • Killing the first will spawn a small stationary fire sphere. Do this close to the anvil if possible. Ignore the second construct and wait for the chain coming from the portals to attach on to you. Now position yourself in a way that the chain is running through the stationary fire sphere. It will break after a short time.
  • Now maneuvre the second construct close to Kabal. Kill it and move behind Kabal to have the chained ball explode on him, which removes immunity. Make sure to keep enough distance to Kabal so you don't get killed by the explosion. 


In other words:

You're "supposed to" run the fireball chained to you through the boss. The problem that most player encounter  that there's almost no time between the moment you get chained and the moment you die.



So the short answer is "bring a friend because you ain't doing it on your own."