The release of module 15 brings with it the new workshop system to replace the outdated professions system, and with it a whole new opportunity to make daily profit!


I started writing what I thought was a brief overview, however I quickly ran out of characters, so I will just post some links to some sources that cover a lot of the basics.


What I will say, is that this is definitely a system that is geared towards having alts to help supplement your MAIN crafter, who sells the items that WILL make you AD.


How this works, is that you can have at least 1 alt that specialises in alchemy to make potion batches to sell for gold to cover all your comissions. There are also items in jewelcrafting that are worth making to sell for comissions (warehouse upgrade) as well as for gold. The massive benefit of alchemy however, is that you can create the Workman's & Adepts series of supplements which should always be used in any serious crafting attempt.


There are a lot of resources that you may need to use your gathering to get, which also is helped by having alts as you can just set these all up and pretty much forget about them, apart from emptying your delivery box and mailing them to your main crafter.


...and lets just talk about making some AD for a moment...there are several items that can only be made via the workshop that are BiS (examples include the +1 shirt & pants made by leatherworking / armorsmithing / tailoting) as well as a couple of sneaky things that can be used by companions for certain builds. Prices however are dropping rapidly but they are still essentailly free to make!


It would also be worth noting that the +1 intermediate materials (eg. drake leather +1) sell at a premium.


Anyway, here are some links: