AD farming

Astral Diamonds are probably the most important currency in the game. Free-2-Play players can exchange them for RP, and it’s the currency you need to buy stuff on the Auction House. So naturally having a lot of ADs directly equals wealth in Neverwinter. In this guide I’m looking into the current ways of farming Astral Diamonds. What are the viable paths, and the best ones? Let’s find out!

List of farm methods

Rough Astral Diamonds (AD)

  • PRO: Can be done with any item level, any experience
  • CON: Capped at 100,000 Astral Diamonds per day; requires VIP to be most efficient

The Rough Astral Diamond refining limit serves as baseline for how much ADs a you can earn. Any character on any item level can earn RADs using the Random Queues or other dungeon runs. Only 100,000 of those however can be converted into “real” Astral Diamonds per day. With this hard cap the devs control how much free Astral Diamonds players can add to the economy. Once at level 70, you normally shouldn’t have any issue hitting the cap, but lower levels might not get there consistently.


There are two main way of accumulating RADs on characters. The first one is running the available Random Queues. The Leveling and Intermediate Queues are a must, but depending on your toon’s strength it might not make sense to do the Advanced or Expert ones.


After completing your random queues, you should still have a few thousand RADs to go. That’s where method #2, so called “farm runs” take over. Players use the fastest dungeons (currently Temple of the Spider, Shores of Tuern, and Demogorgon) to quickly farm end chests and the RADs that come with it. Unfortunately this is more viable if you’re VIP. Because the daily additional re-rolls mean you will like get more profit out of chests. Doing weeklies on alts can also contribute a lot towards the daily limit.

Farming even rewards

  • PRO: Little requirements to claim / farm free stuff that you can turn into ADs
  • CON: Events only show up every once in a while; items get devalued rather fast

Another way of making a few ADs is by participating in events. The bigger seasonal ones offer unbound rewards that can be flipped for currency on the Auction House. Since most entry requirements are low, all levels can often fully participate, and make as much ADs as veteran players. Unfortunately great AD-making events are rare, and the items get devalued rather fast. Call-to-Arms companions for example used to sell pretty well, but merely go for pennies nowadays. The longer rewards exist, the less valuable they get.


A general advise in terms of events is to stash away the items for a while. During the event days supply gets up and prices go down. Waiting a couple weeks or even months could net you significantly more.

VIP farming

  • PRO: Easy to set up and scalable
  • CON: Setting up accounts requires some effort; not completely in line with the ToS

Setting up VIP farm accounts that sole purpose is to claim the daily Enchanted Key and sell lockbox drops is profitable. I’ve extensively covered the method in my guide to alternate characters. You can check it out here.


  • PRO: Trophies, Lures, Wanted Posters, and gear sell for nice amounts, especially at the start of modules
  • CON: Some items can only be traded, not sold; items get devalued rather fast; farming can get annoying; need access to the corresponding campaigns


Limited to Mod 12-14 is farming and selling items related to Hunts. In Chult and Omu players both sell Trophies and even specific gear that has a change to drop from the Hunts. It can net you a nice amount especially at the start of modules, but you obviously need access to the campaigns. Additionally the farming process is rather dull, items get devalued fast as supply rises, and the process of selling stuff is a bit more complicated since you can’t simply put them on the Auction House.