Skill resources

 As you all may know, with the addition of the Maze Engine comes the revamped mount system, including Insignia's and Insignia Bonuses. But insignia's are hard to come by right? Not so much. You can get insignia's currently from any profession (Thievery, Religion, Ect.) node and from chests on the world maps, though at a low drop rate, and only green quality. Quality however does not matter for the bonuses. Another thing to note is that when searching, it is best to do with a party of friends or guildmates. If you fully clear a treasure chest, it will allow the next person to get a fresh reroll on the chest with their own set of loot. Similarly, if you leave 1(one) item in a profession node, it will allow someone else to get a fresh reroll when they successfully use a kit or skill to open it.


This maximizes chances for multiple people to complete their bonuses as quickly as possible. The best map that I have found so far for this is Vellosk with a total of 65 nodes and chests. Please find below the full maps that I created, since I couldn't find any others, detailing the area for each and every zone. In some places you will see a dot outside of the map area. Rest assured this is intentional as they sometimes sit beyond the map edge.


The fastest rotation I have completed the Vellosk map run in is ~20 minutes. The most insignia's I have seen someone pull from a map rotation here is 6. Lastly, please remember that if you gather too many items in too short of a time, you will only get short items from profession nodes. These items are Bent Fork, 50" of Rope, 1' Pole, Embroidered Purse, Piece of Broken Glass, and Religious Tome. The cool-down to start getting normal items again is ~15 minutes or so. This was implemented a long while back to discourage use of bots.


Additionally, you will notice that I do not have any of the end game (60+) area's mapped out. This is because they have too few nodes and chests to be worth it, and by using the lower level zones, you get enemies that are more than 10 lvls below you when your at 70, so you pull no agro and can run through freely.