Stronghold Marauders

Our Guild’s contract with the local clan of Delzoun Dwarves is now paying dividends!  As repayment for the help our Guild has provided in driving away some of the local miscreants, the dwarves have brought cart-loads of building supplies to your guild’s stronghold. 


Before the dwarves can be asked to help move these supplies to a more proper storage area, they immediately prepare to depart.  One of the dwarves, almost as an afterthought, mentions seeing a group of bandits on the way here that looked like they were gearing up to steal the recently delivered supplies.  Shortly after the last of the dwarven carts disappears in the distance, a battle horn is heard and a bandit raiding party crests a nearby hill.  


We will gather our guild to protect the newly delivered building supplies before they are all stolen and your guild is left with nothing.


Fighting will increase in ferocity with each wave of enemies sent to steal your rewards and enemies will occasionally bring a few surprises to catch unobservant guilds off-guard. 


Every five waves, there’s a brief respite in the attacks when guilds can elect to take their rewards and retreat into their stronghold, or they can signal for more carts to come and add additional rewards. 


However, additional rewards also result in yet tougher enemies being enticed to come and attempt to steal not only the new rewards, but the existing ones as well.


To start this event, talk to your guild’s Seneschal, who will appear every two hours in front of your guild’s stronghold and remain there for 15 minutes or until someone starts this event.  These times are all listed in the Upcoming Events tracker on your in-game homepage.

What to do?

  • For this event we need at least 15 people at the stronghold, in three groups.  So all members will be assigned to three groups..

  • Each group will be assigned to protect a bridge. Either north, south or center. see map where to go..

  • You can expect 5 waves of hordes of monsters.. Defeat them...Dont leave your post unless you defeated all 5 waves. 

  • After 5 waves you get a vote/choice, continue or stop. Let the leaders decide. If you continue, repeat the steps, but monster are harder, and rewards are better. If you stop, you get the rewards.




The Rewards

Many players feel the rewards are a little bit low for the time invested. The amount of treasure shown during the event is directly transferred into the same number of white vouchers and equally distributed across all participants. Although these vouchers cover areas guilds need the most (Gems, Campaigns etc.), most will need to crawl through waves for at least an hour to get to any significant treasure numbers. In the end that’s a lot of commitment for the rewards. There’s a good chance you might get more progression if doing another task for the same time.

That’s why most guilds only run the first five waves of the event, because the first completion every week grants 600 Influence, which indeed is a nice extra. You can even start the event in one Stronghold and if you finish it quickly enough, you will have time to start it in another Stronghold for a second set of alts.