Fishing Frenzy - Heroic

This HE can be found at position: 2939, -735


In this Heroic Encounter Fishing event a group of people need to catch a total of

600 points worth of fish in 15 minutes. This might sound easy until you realize that this huge fish frenzy has attracted the dreaded Dragon Turtle! It jumps and swims through the area knocking people around. It even occasionally sprays the entire area with its breath weapon in an attempt to defend its meal. With the Dragon Turtle in play, it can be challenging to hit the 600 mark in time.


How to Complete Fishing Frenzy

First and foremost, try to get a group together to start one.


Start it by fishing, you can wait until more people arrive to start the timer if needed. Or join groups already working together to complete this. Due to the randomness of the Dragon Turtle, numbers instead of tactics will win this encounter.


You will need at least 5 other players fishing diligently to complete this, but 10 are better. It is a good idea to shout out to the zone and try to get as many people working it as possible as the Dragon Turtle WILL throw a wrench in the works.


When the Dragon Turtle swims through he will knock players around and interrupt fishing. The Dragon Turtle might also surface and begin to spray the entire fishing area. Everyone in the HE as well as nearby will begin to take lots of damage. There is an island in the middle of the Fishing Frenzy Heroic Encounter. This makes a great place to heal. Most players just hang out and fish right next to the island so they can easily get on it when the Dragon Turtle arrives. It is possible to use healing potions in a boat but companions that can heal, using healing Powers, and natural regeneration does not work while in your boat. So hop on the island to heal up and block any break weapons that come through. Even if you do die, there is a campsite nearby that lets you get back to the Fishing Frenzy quickly.


Hopefully timing of all of the Dragon Turtle’s appearances hits between catching fish and your group can power through this chaotic Heroic Encounter.