This site contains a huge collection of information about the game Neverwinter. The information come from various resources that our members have collected over time. Althrough we do check the content on a regular base, the information might have been outdated by new patches and mods in the game.

Neverwinter Guild

Founded, January 24th, 2014

WE are currently full. Our 6th Birthday 1-24-2020.


W/Sweet rank 10 Boons! All Four!

Fantastic Work by ALL


New MOD announced!
February 16th!



We're getting New modules faster than i can keep up this website.  Keep up the good work!


Adventure-Heroic-Conquer-Dark-Frozen-Astral Diamond Chests--actually we need ALL!!!

Influence is more important than ever as we filled out the current boon Wizard's Workshop! Speaking of Workshops, Mod 15 brought us a NEW and UPDATED Crafting system. New professions as well as new recipes for some Very Cool new  weapons and other items.
NOTE!!!! MOD 16 AND 17--> MOD 16=MW crafting is not addressed. MOD 17=recipes for Level 80 however still consume a lot of GOLD <----Be careful
Good luck all.

 ==  THANK YOU !!!!

Amazing work on the decorating of the Guild Hall!


Congratulations on Raising So many resources during the last few months!


Lets Grab those quests when you start your day, do a few things....log out at the Coffer in the stronghold and turn in all the quests before you are done for the day, so they can reset for tomorrow...if you forget....try to help tomorrow ) It is your guild as well!


This way, we get all the Shards we need and you have all the guild marks you need to buy whatever you want....maybe even make some AD off the Temporary profession  vendors in the rear of the Strongholds in the alliance..Remember, we have all of the MW Vendors up in our alliance.


Now that we are rank 20, we need to fill out the support structures to make resources much faster mean tending will need to be done more often :)

Oh Joy! Want to be ready to push Upgrade Guild Hall when available )

. The people need guild Marks!! ! 





Wanna know what is new?.

Me to ) 

 DON'T Register at the forum


It is old and for historical purposes only! 


We recruit all levels. You will get to 80 as that what is needed to obtain real wealth in this game..... New people Have and will continue to come to Neverwinter ======NEWSFLASHZZZZ=====.WE NO LONGER PERMIT ALTS FROM OTHER GUILDS IN THE SAINTS OF HOPE. What this means is.."Here of There"   Here we work (ALL) together as one to level this stronghold after all, you accept the boons right? I dig em! Influence...adv shard and the tasks you get done reward YOU!  in the coffer please before you log..Buy food..overloads...if this sounds like a place u would like to be, message one of us or myself @stormboundsoul 

Roger That?

S )



If I forgot anything...(very likely) Please let me know :)


Thanks for reading :)