PVP Domination

Domination mode in Player versus Player is based on collecting 1000 points by capturing and controlling 3 bases in an area. Those bases look like the picture above. A circle and a structure that will turn red or green (aka the flag).


You will be playing in two teams of 5 people. One marked RED and the other BLUE. Basically it a capture the flag game.




Keep an eye out for these bars. It will tell you if your team is winning and how much time is left for the event. When timer runs out, the team with the most points will win the match.



You will start at a safe location near the fire. There are three zones to capture, so

find one with a team member and engage the other team.  There is also a higher ground overhang, which might be handy for ranged party member. You can also use the overhang to move from far site zone to the other far side zone.



How to score points:

  • Stand your ground:
    Guarding a captured zone (flag) will give you points

  • Siege or capture the zone:
    If one of your team wins near one of the bases; it will be captured and will start to accumulate points for your team.

  • Recapture
    Bonus points are given for recapturing bases

  • Killing
    Bonus points are given for just killing enemies anywhere on the map.


Two tips for PVP loving people:

  1. PVP while your low level, get PVP gear and have a character/toon just for pvp. If you have a toon setup with PVE gear ; is doesn't help you in PVP, and the other way around is also true ).  While PVP gear dose help in PVE the stats are ineffective in pve, in other words you can have way better gear and do even better with the right set of gear. 

  2. Getting two sets of gear is not recommended, two toons is. If you use one oton, you need to reset your gear whenever you're entering PVP or PVE. Switching toons is much easyer and faster.

Winning the game

Capping, is the first goal in pvp,  this means achieve 600 points (as a minimum) as a team.
Helpful hint: if your able to do this you will receive a a.d. bonus that is helpful even if you lose.  
When all the points are captured by one team the game will go by faster, if all the points are being contested (or changing color ) then the progress bar will not move 
The progress bar is a scoring system for your team vs. the other team  (ideally you want a gap between the points) 
Ways to win strategy for pvp.  
In PVP there are points 1,2  and 3 ( speaking about domination ) 
The best way to win:
  • Capture 2 zones, Ideally the one in the middle and on in the outer region. The middle region is very handy to capture, as this will be good point to capture the outer regions, and then head back to the middle. If you can capture the middle and the two outher zones, you can win all three zones and so win the game.

  • If you are loosing and can capture the two ouder zone instead of all three you will also win, depending on the overall progress bar. So keep an eye out on how much the other team is winning.

  • Capturing all three zones, easy to do???
    No not at all, in order to do this you need a solo player who can capture 1 or 2 zones by himself. The others need to be able to defend and hold on to a captured zone.



Each toon has its specialities in a PVP. It is not the same a PVE. Jobs in pvp: although this is not a golden rule : these are common jobs for classes while in pvp 
  • Devoted Cleric:
    Protect a zone, he/she is very hard to kill, maybe harder then a tank, if you see a DC defending a zone; don’t try to capure that zone (perhaps try to fight him once, try to remember peoples names , do not fight a losing battle against a DC who can’t die)  his job is to stay at a zone and make sure it stays your teams color after capping)

  • Tank:
    The job for the tank is to capture the middle zone ASAP, this is very hard to do as a none tank; while it is the tanks job to do this , this can only be done if your team is good at fighting another team.  If you find that the other team is better at fighting do not continue to fight them find another way to win 

  • Hunter ranger & Trickster rogue
    The assassins (kill anybody on the map): this can be any toon b.t.w, but the TR and HR have the advantage. But as long as you’re a dps class, A high level assassin can probably kill the whole team by themself.

    A sub can do the same job as his counter part but maybe not as good , the person who is good at the job is on the left and the sub is on the right 

  • Control Wizard, Grand Fighter / Paladin 
    The job for these toons are simple, assist whereever you can. Defend any zone that has been capture and doesnt have a DC protecting it. Try to pair up also.

  • Grand Weapon Figher
    Sorry, you're screwed in PVP. Althrough a GWF is one of the best classes for PVE, it is not for PVP... Unless you are well geared with a build for pvp, the GWF has only one job, that is to survive and help wherever he/she can and dont die near a zone.

    In a fight GWF has a hard time unless they are one or one or a good tank on there sid. This person is mainly good at finishing a kill with good timing, with that said there are high lv gwf who play pvp who can player kill the whole team so this like most of my hints is not a rule just something for you to think about if your having a hard time with gwf

    Great weapon fighter is a support tank ( or off tank ) as in you better be best friends with the tank you hare harder to kill then other people but even a well geared tank can kill you. ( its crazy , gf is particularly hard to kill ) 


Domination with guild members

As with update 11 ARC changed the domination queue selection.  As it was possible for two leader to communicatie and decided to accept or decline the invite. The game was reprogrammaed to automatically accept the first availble fight.  The trick below might not work if you're not able to communicate with opposing party.


Frankly this is the same event, but controlled by the two leaders the party.  It is essential to listen to them.


You will be playing this event two times! One time your team wins and the second time you will loosse. 


Don't forget to pickup the quest at master of coin in the stronghold!



So two parties of guild members will be assisned. The party leaders will enroll in the queue and communicate to each other. If they both get offered a fight; THEY WILL TELL YOU TO ACCEPT OR REJECT! 

It is essential to get in the same fight, since only then one group is blue and the other is red. 


Once in the event. you will hear that your team needs to win or loose.  



  • Start by capturing all three bases. Do this by kill a member of the other team near a base. 
  • Once the bases are yours, hold in. Let the other team get the max out of your death. You may however make it a challenge to be killed, but eventually keep an eye out for the status. Let the other team win. 
  • When all bases are capture by the other team. Repeat the first step.



  • Dont start killing right away, the loosing team will need to capture the bases first to get a good start. So stand near a base and get killed!
  • Once all three bases are captured by the other team. They will hold back and you can engage. Recapture all three bases and get the most out of it..
  • When all bases are recaptured, repeat to step one..


At all times, keep an eye out for instructions. When the match is done, it will be repeated, so the other team may win the next match.