Shroud of Soul's

Shroud of Souls is Neverwinter’s big mid-module update of the Cloaked Ascendancy, often referred to as “Module 11b”.


It will introduced loadouts, multiple updates to Strongholds and Masterwork Professions and a new featured storyline.


Marauders Guild Event

First of all, guilds will get another Dragonflight like event inside Strongholds that alternates with the dragons at the bottom of the hour. It can be activated using a new NPC at the eastern entrance and starts a defensive scenario in which the guild has to fend off endless waves of mobs that increase in strength the longer the event lasts. With the sole objective of killing mobs, Marauders is already not very innovative. Unfortunately the rewards also do not match the grind and so guilds on PC only do it once for the weekly 600 Influence it grants for all participants.

Guild Hall Interior and Decoration

As exclusively visual and role-playing element, Guild Halls inside Strongholds can be decorated in “Shroud of Souls”! Players can earn, craft and buy interior and decoration from various places and donate it to the guild. Leaders with the appropriate permissions can then place the stuff inside the Guild Hall. This allows guilds to create an unique home for their members and although there’s no gameplay element attached to it, has been welcomed on PC. Unfortunately a bug might carry over that currently prevents replacing interior, because the replaced item is not added to the warehouse again. Also it’s not possible to preview anything. So there’s no way to tell how something is going to look other than placing it.

Temporary Structures

GH20 guilds will finally have something to spend resources on again! New temporary structures, that last for a week, help in Masterwork progression and even add a full new line of gear. Prepare to donate a lot of gems everyone! Other than that the new structures consume basic coffers like Food, Wood, Metal, Stone and Labor. So if your guild tends building regularly, you should be able to maintain one or two temporary structures easily.

Smaller guilds do also get some help through temporary structures. The devs identified bottlenecks and added production buildings for them. That way guilds can trade surplus resources for stuff they actually need, like Influence or Gems. We would have liked a more advanced trading feature for resources here, but especially the Influence building should help guilds across the board.

Company Gear

Gearing up alternate characters in Neverwinter is a true grind and pain, and guild members will fortunately get some help there. Company Gear replaces the old Guild Gear and gets a nice bump in item level to 420 (old: 140). This essentially means that you’ll get sufficient, and often the best, gear for all leveling purposes from your Stronghold. You no longer have to compile it from various campaign shops or the seal vendors.