First timers

This informational page will help you to become familiar with the Guild and its origins and how to get the most out of the Guild. Please read this once you joined the Guild.


Saint of Hope (SoH) try to be a very social group of people who love playing the game. We believe that if you're social, you will be able to help others better and with more fun. And that is all that counts. So try to say good morning once in a while..

Set your Boons

One of the first things you want to do, is to set your Guild Stronghold Boons. Press [C] (character), tab Boons, sub-tab Guild Stronghold and hit all colored buttons. 


This will give your character some advancement on offence, defense and utilities.. Do repeat this for all your characters in our Guild.

When you're under lvl 70

It is important to know that when your not level 70, you need to concentrate on getting lvl 70. Don't invest to much in your gear, as you probally going to trade them in. 


Find the daily quests given by the Guild. You can find these in the mainsquare of the stronghold. Also try to join in with (Epic) Dungeons with other guild members. Some dungeons you need a specific Item Level. So work on that.


There is a good guide on how to level.

When you're level 70

Your Quest for Greatness has just started. A lot of quests come online once you hit 70. Don't panic.. just work them as you do with normal quests. You will still need the exp to level up and gain more power points.  Each 70 level DAILY gives boons (boons raise your item level) and powers. Also start collecting your final equipment now..  you might need to work for it in the various regions/dungeons, or buy them from the Auction House (AH) 


get some heroics done on the stronghold. These give you blue runes and a shot at epic companion or character gear and rewards that you will need as your progress.  


Also collect the special keys for the epic dungeon, work on your boons from campaigns and focus on getting stronger and better in your class. Don's be afraid to ask for guild and in alliance!


But first, focus on completing your boons.. and get better gear. If you see an dragonflight call, join up.get Vouchers and Strongbox's of Vouchers.. the COMPANY GEAR is some of the best you can get pretty easily as it is bought with Guild marks only. Do not need fangs. It is lvl 420 and has some fantastic stats. 


Leveling guide