Ice Wind Pass

This is the first region of the Ice Wind Dale campaign. It it faily straight forward, do you quests and join in one of the many Herioc events. 


Briggings Tomb

As for Briggins Tomb, you need to party up. Despite the rumours, you can join a party of the other fraction. Just watch the chat zone, as many people will enter the tomb regulaly.



A particulair region of the map has been marked as PVP area. Approaching the red border will show you a warning that you're about to enter the PVP area. 


Don't let this scare you! Most players dont do pvp, so these area's are very very quet You will get flagged for PVP, but that means only players of the other fraction can try to kill you. 


You will be unflagged for PVP once you:

  • reach a fire (either alive or by death)
  • leave the ice wind pass region.


General infomation

To the south west up on the mountain is the giant area and where Biggrin’s Tomb is. There is a weekly quest to go into Biggrin’s Tomb. It is a short 10 minute quest that should be solo able by most players.


To the east and down in the valley is the area that is filled with bears and wolves. In the center of the map is a small outpost where a few quests are linked. This is also where you will respawn if you die.


In the north east corner is the barbarian encampment. Be careful in this area because there are lots of groups of wandering barbarians.


In the north west side of the map is the PVP area. There is a bridge that crosses the PVP area and is worth a look.



Black ICE

The zones of Curse of Icewind Dale are dotted with chunks of Black Ice. You should have gotten a pick doing the newbie quests in Caer-Konig. Use that pick on these nodes to mine your own Black Ice. And when I say mine your own, I mean mine your own. If another player goes to the effort to clear out an area so they can get to the Black Ice, let them have the few Black Ice they will get for their efforts. Don’t zip in and take it. That is just bad form. If a player helps, then they are fine mining the node. But if they don’t, common courtesy and gamer respect say to let the one who earned it, mine it.



Also don't over do the collecting of black ice. In the Dwarven Valley area the black ice is widely available and so more easy to gather. So only collect that what you need for your questing.