BID event

Allthrough this is a player versus player (PVP) event, you dont need to be killed over and over again. As an alliance we're using the BID as a method to get our shards of power for the guilds to grow.


How is BID played:

  1. Go to the guild stronghold and pickup the quest "fight for the end" at master of coin
  2. Pickup a AB or TT contract in Cear Konig.
  3. Go to an area where the BID event is held in either IceWindDale or Dwarven Valley. It is always held in the red pvp zone.
  4. Find one of the three markers in the area. Stay close to it, till it turns in your colour/favor. Keep your ground and collect the points. 
  5. Once the bar hits 1000 points, you may gather the huge black ice rock in the center. 
  6. If you're side (AB or TT) get the most black ice, you're the winner of the event.
  7. Turn in the quest at stronghold and deposit your shards of power to the coffer.

If you're going for the alliance/guild BID the call in guild/alliance or BIDUP chat channel and become AB. Ask to join the party of the caller. Head over to the event area right away. 


Start capturing the points as described above.. You dont need to fight, but it might be fun to be one the winning side...