You need weapons, but what weapons are the best and how can you gain these.



As you're levelling you will receive an 'Elemental' Weapon. These are nice for levelling, but if you want to be better once higher in the game do not push these beyond purple. It will be a waste of resources.


Fey set

You can gain these by completing Sharandar region and campain. Through the campaign window you can buy it from the sharandar vendor. 


Twisted set

The twisted set can be bought in the underdark vendor store. It is famous because it was the first upgrade from the defaults weapons. These weapons rank up to item level 140.


Stronghold set

Once the stronhold came in the game, also the stronghold weapons. These will go up to item-level 140 and can be bought at the professions vendow. However you need to have a rank 12 stronghold. So it is pretty hard to gain by.


Relic set

The relic set came alive with the Storm of King module. The weapons ranks up to item level 160, and is one of the strongest weapons.  It is easy to get, simply complete the sea of moving ice quests and you receive a rusted relic set. However you need to restore it before you can use it. Read here for more infomation. 


Restoring gear/weapons

The higher level weapons, like relic, rusted or ascended, need to be restored to there former glory. This goes about the same as refinement, however you need ingredients that can be found when farming the areas. Some you find in fish, others in treasures or some are won during HE runs.


There are several rare fish (caught in sea of moving ice) that can be gutted. To gut the fish double click on them or right click and select open. This will destroy the fish but get you a rare ingredient for upgrading artifact weapons of this area.

  • Ventdiver can be gutted for Naphtha.
    • Ocean Trench
    • Thermal Vent
    • Icecrag Island
    • Deep Sea
  • Runechanged Nautiloid can be gutted for Runechanged Ink.
    • Western Current
    • Southern Current
    • Northern Current
    • Eastern Current
  • Icebound Whelk can be gutted for Permafrost Shell.
    • Shipwreck
    • Seagrass Flat
    • Oyster Reef
    • Ice Cave
  • Myrmidon can be gutted for Diluted Vitriol.
    • Shoal
    • Shallows
    • Estuary
    • Brackish Water


You can also look for the location on the map.



Relic Gear

The the most powerful gear in the game at the time of Stormking’s Thunder release is the relic armor and weapons. Relic gear is found in the skirmish Fangbraker Island. The relic weapons are collected at the end of the first quest series in the adventuring area, Sea of Moving Ice.


Getting the relic items is only the first step. They are not even usable when players first get them. Instead, players need to collect a myriad of materials and ingredients to repair them so they can be equipped.  Players will be able to keep themselves busy for quite some time collecting these materials.


The main sources of these are;

  • Daily Quests in the Sea of Moving Ice
  • Reclaimed Runes
  • Fishing in the Sea of Moving Ice for
  • Rare Fish Reagents
  • Heroic Encounters
  • Dragon Turtle Moult (Sea of Moving Ice)
  • Frozenfar Mistletoe, Evermelt Springwater (Sea of Moving Ice)
  • Lanolin (Cold Run, Lonelywood, Bryn Shander)
  • Permafrost Shard (Cold Run)
  • Map in a Bottle Buried Treasure
  • Rare Fish Reagents
  • Dragon Turtle Moult
  • Ostorian Resin
  • Epic Crafting (Materials Gained from Guild Reagent Farming)
  • Mana Plaster (Artificing)
  • Enchanted Loam (Artificing)

Most of these reagents can be purchased but players will need to save up! They are not cheap.


Restoring gear

Players will need to empower all of their new items with Voninblod. It is the same mechanic as Icewind Dale. The items you get will slowly degrade as you use them. Voninblod will be have to be added to each item to keep it at its most powerful tier.


Players will need tons of Voninblod to keep their gear in tip top shape.