The Maze Engine

This campaign can be started at level 60 and features a multi-part quest arc, interspersed with repeatable daily quests.


Important to know that this is the first series of quests that are interlock with the campaign. The method of progressing will be used on other high level campaigns also. So better get familair with it.



Massive XP, Gold, Lesser Resonance Stones and even some AD?


That’s exactly the type of rewards you should get! The dailies might be annoying, but they are at least rewarding.


The boons don’t stand out, but are useful through all tiers.


The Replica Battlerager Armor and the Gauntlgrym Bounty offers a way to get Conqueror’s Shards for those that absolutely don’t want to PVP.


Throw in a companion and you can’t ask for much more out of a single campaign. 


Also a new set of weapons is introduced. The twisted sets, see our weapons sections for more information


Storyline quests

The maze engine will guide you through a storyline of quests. These can be fairy difficult if you're just level 60. So better team up and walk though it together. 


Some quests you're better of doing alone. Like the 'Run for the dragon' quest. It will probally take several runs to get it right. Just don't give up and keep on trying. You only need one victory run to progress on the campaign.