Builds ------old-----

You probally know how to fight.. and you reach level 70 in several weeks. But how to become a high level player. Get your item level above 3000 can be a pain in the @ss. 


But if you follow the builds correctly it can be done. In this section lots of information, which you might already know or not.. 

With all the years of expience in our guild, he have a good knowledge how to make your character build. Here a few good examples on how to make your build.


Also a good resource can be found at neverwinter itself here.


You can also make use of a character generator tool. This way you can prebuild your toon and tweak it.

Various Bibles

There are various documents available, to what we call "bibles". These documents will describe in depth the workings of the various classes.

Links to good builds

If you have a build you wish to describe. Please do so.


The element we want to see in your build are:

  1. Introduction
    Name of build and your toughts, is your build for PVE or PVP
  2. Best races selection
  3. Paragon path
  4. Feats and boons (use the powercalculator link below)
  5. Equipment / Gear
  6. Best companions
  7. Skill rotation for solo, dailies and grouped events