The guild have 7 ranks:

  1. Angel
    All new players will be introducted to the guild in the rank Angel. 
  2. Demisaint: Say hello. notice that you are friendly
  3. Saint: You Care! Others notice you give a damn! You start/join runs.
  4. White Saint: Currently being looked at. Show Responsibility.
    These ranks are for regular saints in the guild. The higher the rank the more you can get from the Guildbank------WRONG!!! As i stated, all ranks are currently being looked at. Just because you have been a saint for 3 years does not mean you are a higher rank. Contributions to the coffer, Helping people out..THESE are the things that will gwet you promoted!
  5. General Saint : Not many....They Give a damn!
  6. Almighty Saint
    These ranks are for the members that have specific tasks in the guild and these members are considered officers.Subject to change.
  7. Zeus
    ... speaks for itself and answers to no-one ...I answer to you!


How to be promoted in the guild:

  • Be chatty and social, a guild with no conversation is kinda boring. We understand some people may be shy at 1st but share tips and helps with each other.

  • Grab the quests in our Stronghold to help CONTROL the coffers appetite.
  • Contribute to guild bank, to help each other and dont forget if you need something ...to ask.
  • Host/participate to guild events (anyone can do this)
  • Try to make yourself noticed by your Guildmates! Be a Leader by example! Be POSITIVE :)