Player vs Player


Neverwinter Curse of Icewind Dale Player Guide - Icewind Pass PVP AreaFrom Neverwinter’s Icewind Dale update, ARC introduced Player Versus Player, or PVP. 


The way it works is that you have to sign a temporary contract with either Ten Towns (TT) or the Arcane Brotherhood (AB) fraction in Konig Cear. Then head to either one of the following area's:

  • Red marked zone in Icewind Pass (IWP)
  • Red marked zone in Dwarven Valley (DV)

By selecting this contract you also assign yourself to that side of the PVP battles, so remember your side as it is useless to track and engage a friendly PVP member. 

PVP is strictly voluntary and you do not have to worry about it if you are not interested.Neverwinter Curse of Icewind Dale Player Guide - Black Ice NodeTo enter PVP a player just needs to enter a (red marked) PVP area.





Don't be afraid to walk into the red PVP zone. I know the warning shown will be impressive and might disencourig you to enter. However in my experience most players running in PVP area are there to do the quests and not out to kill you. In my playing time I am rarely attacked by a stranger. 


Also remember that the rewards in the pvp area's are bigger than those outside the red zones.



Once you enter a PVP arena

Once they enter they are then flagged for PVP. This means that that can fight anyone of the opposing faction that is also flagged for PVP anywhere in the zone, not just the designated PVP areas. This flag is removed when you die or when you approach the zone exits, campfires, or relog. So it is easy to remove if you want to get out of PVP.


It’s easy to recognize someone that is flagged for PVP because their contract symbol over their character will be brightly colored instead of gray.


In the PVP areas of Curse of Icewind Dale players will find the PVP specific quest objectives. These quests can help the player earn a little more XP and coin. There are NPCs and other items in these areas so players can complete quests. Players just need to keep an eye out as other PVP players can attack while you are doing these other quests.


Players who mine Black Ice in the PVP area will earn more than the safer areas outside of PVP. The base for each time a player mines is 60 in a PVP area as opposed to 50 outside of a PVP area. If nothing else, it’s worth stocking up on raw black ice in the PVP areas.


There are a few things that all players will likely want to earn whether or not they really enjoy PVP:

  • Complete 1 Icewind Dale PVP Task = 3000 Black Ice
  • Complete 4 Icewind Dale PVP Tasks = Boon to increase Black Ice by 3% from everything.
  • Complete 5 Icewind Dale PVP Tasks = Black Ice Belt



If players wish to participate in the PVP pieces of the daily grind they should either do them first or last. It is not a good idea to bounce in and out of PVP unless you do not mind dying and frequently or unexpectedly, loosing whatever buffs and potions you have used. Personally I like to finish up my questing with PVP once everything else is done.


PVP dungeons

Another part of the game are the PVP dungeons. There are about three dungeon that you can participate in:

  1. Stronghold Siege
  2. Domination
  3. Gauntlgrym Battlegrounds


If you engage one of the dungeons you better are prepared. These dungeons you will fight in groups of either 5,10 or 20 players against another group of 5, 10 or 20 players.




However being killed of, only means you are resetted to the fireplace, loose any advantages. But you can enter the arena right away or with a short delay. No harm will be done to your PVE progesss.