Cold Run

Storm King’s Thunder Guide and Walkthrough - Cold Run

Cold Run is the last of the three adventure zones that come with the main Storm King’s Thunder campaign. Players also have to earn access to this area. Access can be gained with about 10 more days of completing the quests in both Lonelywood and Bryn Shander.


Cold Run is set up in the same manner as Bryn Shander and Lonelywood. Getting access to this allows players to really just do the quests they want since there will be 9 available Daily quests but only 3 needed for Defending the Dale. The rest can be done to earn extra Ten Town Supplies or just for XP.


The most important part of Cold Run is that the Heroic Encounters here drop all of the important ingredients needed to upgrade relic gear. Some of these reagents can be gathered from Bryn Shander and Lonelywood but they all drop here. So when you decide to farm Heroic Encounters make sure you do it in Cold Run!