Special Quests given

Since Storm Kings Thunder (mod 10) has been introduced; so called “found quests” that drop from various mobs throughout adventure zones also appear in your inventory. 


You can recognize them as quest item with an exclaimation mark.


They grant quick missions that hand out minor experience, gold and Voninblod. The Giant Rations is such an item in example. Some of them are as simple as accept and hand in, but others, especially in Sea of Moving Ice, warrant farming a few mobs for quest items.


The items are useless, so let’s act accordingly


It’s one thing that these are hardly worth completing for the attached rewards, but that makes it even more annoying that the items reside in the inventory although they serve no purpose over granting a quest. Luckily they can safely be discarded. Once added, the attached quest is in the players’ log and you can complete it with or without the item that granted it.


That way you can slightly reduce inventory clutter and don’t feel forced to complete the mission to get rid of them.