Temple of Spider (TOS/ETOS)

How to: kill the final boss in temple of the spider.
I know there is an official guide, but let's try to make something a bit better. http://nw-forum.perfectworld.com/images/smilies/smile.png

The final boss in temple of the spider is no different from any boss in this game. It requires you to stay aware of most of the events happening in the arena, to position yourself accordingly, and execute a couple of simple action. If there's a difference, it's not in nature, it's the degree. You'll have to be fast, you'll have to wipe for several hours during a few days to master the fight.

Let's solve the part about being aware of the events happening during the fight: type /gfxsetdefaultfov 80 in your chat window. Default value is 50 but normally you don't want to go back to it afterwards.

This boss fight has two different phases. The first one is to some extent a dps race and a tanking check. The boss engages your team with a large cone attack without a red zone on the ground, it deals around 80k damage raw, which means it's not a one hit kill unless you're still playing with lvl 60 gear. This attack will occur every 15s or so, one or two seconds after she teleports, so be ready. It's easy to dodge/block/get out of the way or out of range.

During the first phase, the boss has a strong melee attack. It's a small AoE cone without red warning on the ground, it deals around 90-120k damage, which means that in no way you can stand right behind the tank or next to him. Surround the boss, stay near your cleric as much as you can, but pay attention to who she's looking at.

Small spiders and blademasters will spawn regularly. Spitter spiders have to be dealt with as soon as possible, they have to be controlled and killed in a timely manner. Usually, a CW or ranger can do that, but a TR may do it if you don't have two ranged characters. It's more risky and the TR will have to use smoke bombs. Ranged class are better to do that because they can do it while standing in the cleric's buff zone (if you have one).

Blademasters aren't too much of an issue. They may jump in your back and stun you but it's not a one hit kill. Killing them is of course better but not a priority.

Boss has some small targeted AoEs. They look like spider webs, they're red and circular, it's a root with a DoT, and it can be deadly. Do not step in them.

At some point during that phase, syndrith starts eating her adds. While it makes adds management less of an issue, it also means that you're playing a dps race. This is the dps check part of the fight.

At 66% or so, the second phase starts.

She fully heals herself and turns into a big spider. She also teleport herself into the middle of the room, making the tank's job a lot easier. She usually looks at the chest. Do not turn her. Instead, pull her a bit further towards the chests until the tank is inside the spikes or on the edge of that zone. Adds keep spawning and you don't want them to stab your tank in the back. She will not teleport anymore.

She has a melee attacks (claws) but the cone is a lot smaller, but still deadly for non tank characters (~100k damage). She also keeps her web targeted attacks.

Two ghost spiders will appear in the back of the arena. The red one on your left fires a red laser beam which may be deadly. To avoid it, if you're a tank, block it, if you're a paladin, build up damage resistance, if you can dodge, dodge, if you're a GWF, it may not kill you but someone else can soak it for you dodging in time between you and the spider, in the area of the beam. The tank may also soak it for you if he's properly positioned.

This laser beam becomes smaller as time passes and when the two red stripes become one, the beam is fired, which gives you a few seconds to move away from your team not to kill others by accident (which is your number one priority) and stay alive.

The ghost spider on your right heals the boss for 6M dmg if it hits her successfully, so someone has to intercept that beam by standing between the boss and this spider. You don't have to hug the spider to do so, (especially if there are webs around the boss) all you need is being under that beam. It's the healer's job to do so, it will not kill him.

Adds keep spawning and still have to be dealt with. Melee spiders are added to the spawns, and they hit for 100k/hit, so they have to be killed before they reach anyone. Control spells will of course help a lot. Sometimes, two adds can spawn at the same time. They may still be eaten by the boss, but not as frequently as in phase one, so adds not being killed fast enough is the first cause of wipe during that part of the fight.

After 10 minutes or so, if your team didn't do too many mistakes, she's dead and you can loot her corpse (or not)


By STORMHEART. Thank you