PVP - Stronghold Siege

The stronghold siege is a 20 player versus 20 player PVP event. The structure is quit complex and the workings of the event are intensive. Hence the siege is not played alot.


You're first introduction with the siege will be the quest given when you joined a guild. This will explain the generic working about the event. However you're first real combat will be hectic and all over the place.


In general, gather and protect your resources, build siege tools and engage the opposing guildmembers (PVP) and destroy the stronhold.

in general

You're group will be either (west or east) RED or BLUE. There are three roads between the stronghold that you need to capture. To capture these there are resources to gather, scattered in the battle field. You job will to protect these resource and bring them to a safe place. 


When you have enough power, you might want to attack and try to win. 


In detail


When you enter into Siege PvP matches, you do not have to worry about rebuilding when it’s over as any damage done in the battle will not affect the structures permanently. You will be able to defend your home from enemy players with your new guild hall as base for a PvP 20v20 match, in a 3 lane MOBA-style environment .


When you start the match, each team will have control of a supply depot for each lane on their side of the river. The objective of the match is to destroy your enemy’s Stronghold, but to do that you will need to fill your supply depots. As you do, they will level up, spawn NPC quartermasters to guard them, and eventually guard captains that will venture forth to attack enemy players and keep them away from the quartermaster.


Guild players can build catapults and capture supply lines to increase the health of guild structures or build more defensive items and ammunition. You can also gain more supplies from picking up some from enemy players if they were holding any, or enemy engineers that run up the lanes – for each kill, you take their supplies.


Structures can generate supplies and if you have a horse, you can load him up and take supplies to a wagon that any of your team can use.  If a player dies with a horse on the lane, then enemy players can pick up the bulk supplies.


When a team captures both supply depots in a lane, it will gain control of that lane and make the siege point located by the enemy base active to build on – allowing for the destruction of the enemy Stronghold to begin.


All this fighting will, late game, attract the attention of a Cerasinax the Dragon that will appear on the battlefield.  Cult of the Dragon golems will also make an appearance, ferrying gold to the dragon. A team can destroy a golem, take the gold that they are carrying, and bring it back to your guild hall to build up respect with Cerasinax.


If one team earns enough respect from the dragon, he will assist that team in destroying the enemy siege engines and even assault their guild hall. This can give a team that has fallen behind a chance to catch up and win, or a winning team to destroy the other in a flat out victory.




First of all form groups of three party members. Try to stay together as a party.


There are a few tasks to do:

  1. find the horses and bring those supplies back to the storage points.
  2. defend your captured storage points
  3. take over new storage  points and so capture a lane.
  4. reinforce your stronghold by either
    1. donate goods to your coffer
    2. build the archers on the wall
  5. build or destroy catapults (1st method to win)
  6. win the trust of the dragon (2nd method to win)
  7. Kill any hostile enemy on your ground.


Each team should be assigned one of these tasks to do


IT IS NOT WISE TO SEND ALL TROUPS TO ENGAGE THE ENEMY! This will leave your stronghold undefended. And you will loose in the end.




The horses and so goods are marked on the map with the horseshoo sign. Locate the horse and it will then follow you back to a safe point. But you need to escort it; if it is in enemy terretory.



To be able to build the catapults or any defense the team need goods. A continues flow of good will keep the stronghold happy and healthy.



DEFend & Capture points

The sites that your team have captured, need to be defended against enemies. It is wise to have one or two teams on each lane to defend it. Most of the time the enemy will try to capture the points and forget about other things. 


So keeping a good defense on the captured points, not only get you the goods, and the lanes, but also keeps the enemy busy, whilst your other teammates prepare for battle on the next site on the lane..


reinforce stronghold

Ofter forgotten, one team should defend the stronhold. This can be a team of two. Their jobs is simple, get goods from cart (near fountain) and rebuild any fallen catapults on the wall (picture in middle) or bring the goods to the coffer (right picture) to reinforce hitpoints of the stronghold.


Build catapults

At the far end of the lanes you will find catapults to rebuild with goods. Once the catapult has been build if will attack the opposing stronghold. But it will take some time to win, so you will need to defend it. 


After some time you can defeat the stronghold and win the game.


Call the dragon

At certain point in game Golems (left picture) will appear. If you kill the golum you get a coin as reward. You need to get 5 coins returned to your stronghold master guy (right picture).  


This will win the favor of the dragon for your team. If you win the favor, the dragon will attack the opposing stronghold . And your team will probally win the battle.