Guild/Alliance Stronghold

The guild and members of the alliance have access to a private area. You can find both guild and alliance stronghold on the main map in the top right corner.


You will find yourself in the center near the stronghold on a very large map. 


When you enter the stronhold you will be introduced to the npc crew (locations 53, 51, 1, 2 )of the the guild. These npc's will give you daily and weekly quests to earn

  • heoric shard's
  • adventure shard's
  • dungeneers shard's
  • conqueror shard's
  • other simple resources


You can donate these shard's to the guild coffer. (location 5)


At location 4 you will find another NPC that enables the Dragon Flight event. DO NOT ACTiVATE THIS if you don't know what you're doing. Simply, you need about 40 ppl in the guild to participate in the dragon flight event. 


Influence Run

All around the stronghold there are herioc encounters (HE) to engage. Some are easy, others really difficult to handle alone. 




  • Beast Attack
  • Spider Attack
  • Devils Attack




  • Dock Supply


Hard (marked with golden border):


  • Homestead kidnapping
  • Homestead assault


Extreme hard (marked with a larger icon and golden border):


  • Giants


If you complete a HE you earn equipment and influence. You can gather up to 500 influence per day per toon. Once you have collected enough influence, donate the influence in the guild coffer (5). You can also drop off guild vouchers there and other stuff that you don't need.


Filling up the coffer will enable the guild to grow and to become stronger. This benefits both you and the guild. 



Since we're a rank 11+ guild, we have several boons activated on the guild. However you need to set these also per character. 


Press [C] character sheet, tab boons, sub stronghold and select one boon in each color category.




Guild & Allaince events


The guild and alliance management will regulairy submit a guild/alliance event. Like PVP or Dragon Flight. You will notice a callout in the alliance or guild chat when this is that case. 


There is also a list of events in the guild sheet [press G], tab events. 



Make sure you enable the guild and alliance chat in your chat window, or assign it to a special chat tab. If you need help finishing a dungeon, call out in the alliance chat and surely someone will help. 


Voice chat

There are three levels of voicechat:

  1. The game default support party chat.  Once you're in a party and press the V key down, the microfoon is open. You might need to set the correct microphone or speakers in the options of the game.

  2. For chat with guild member we use GameVox. You find a button in the right of the website to connect. This chat enables you to chat to guild members without being in a party.

  3. You can also chat to all members of the alliance, the alliance uses teamspeak. There is also a button on the right of the website to connect.



A Warehouse is a Stronghold structure that increases the maximum capacity of the Stronghold Coffer. A Warehouse may be built at the "Maiden Lane's Hollow" plot upon reaching Guild Hall Level 7.

Rank Coffer Increase Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold GeneralSupplies tiny.pngGold Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold EnchantedGoods Tiny.pngSurplus Equipment Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold Gems tiny.pngGems Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold FrozenTreasures tiny.pngFrozen Treasures Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold TreasuresofTyranny tiny.pngTreasures of Tyranny Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold FeyTrinkets tiny.pngFey Trinkets Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold DarkGifts tiny.pngDark Gifts Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold HeroicShardofPower tiny.pngHeroic Shards Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold Labor tiny.pngLabor Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold Food tiny.pngFood Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold Metal tiny.pngMetal Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold Stone tiny.pngStone Icons Numerics Currency Stronghold Wood tiny.pngWood
1 30% 70 27,000 18,000 22,000   21,000   2,400     2,100   2,100
2 40% 110       208,000 47,000 50,000 3,600 35,100     5,000 5,000
3 50% 130 59,000 52,000 71,000     72,000 5,200       8,500 8,500
4 60% 160   101,000 80,000   75,000   6,800 55,800 19,600 19,600    
5 70% 200 163,000     433,000 83,000 174,000 8,400   30,700 30,700    
6 80% 230 218,000 148,000     92,000   10,000 67,600   45,900 45,900 45,900
7 90% 270     204,000 670,000   241,000 11,600 75,400 66,600   66,600  
8 100% 300         113,000 12,800 83,000   86,100 86,100 86,100  
9 110% 330   208,000     125,000 293,000 14,100 91,300 108,200   108,200  
10 120% 370     281,000 924,000     16,000     119,100 119,100 119,100