Soshenstar River - Hunting

Farming for Trophies on the Soshenstar River in Chult means you have to kill basic mobs over and over again. Just waiting for respawns at a single location is a viable option, and one that many prefer for the T-Rex for example, but it’s neither interesting nor the most efficient way.


That’s why players run routes and farm all mobs along the way. There are countless good ones to run, but we’ve prepared three that cover all mob types!


Don’t forget you need to mail yourself the Trophies each time you get one to continue to farm. This unfortunately makes VIP a necessity to run these routes.



Route 1 - Tigers and scorpions

The first route covers most of the tigers and scorpion mobs. Its length also matches the the respawn rates nicely. When you get back to the scorpion mobs in the north, they should have reappeared or soon will be. The one problem here is that both Smilodons and Venomtails are difficult to get and hence popular targets. The route is often crowded. You don’t have to include the Deinonychus in the south by the way.


Route 2 - Raptor

This is the best route to run for all sorts of raptors! It’s a little bit too long to match the respawn rates, but you’ll cover all three T-Rex spawns and most of the Eotyrannus locations. Plus there’s some crabs to kill as well if you want!


Route 3 - Batiri and Camp Vengeance!

Circling the Batiri and Camp Vengeance is the best way to farm Ogres and Braves. Since those are frequently refreshed by players running the dailies, it might be sufficient to visit the areas every once in a while, kill the rare spawns and then move on with other routes. You will frequently get disturbed by the Heroic Encounter anyway. It’ll despawn all basic mobs and you have to switch instances or do something else.